Get ready for a special one!
This ride is probably one of the most diverse so far.
You will experience the high hills of the Ardennes climbing out of the Liège Bastogne Liège hill area moving towards the lake of La Gileppe and Eupen.
From there on you will climb on a steady way direction of the German border and Eifel region riding on remote asphalt roads in the forest and Fagnes areas.
Once crossed the German border it’s all the way down to catch some switchbacks next to the Roer Lake.
Leaving this area you will enter a tiny mountain region feeling you are riding in some kind of Austrian environment.
After the very challenging Hammer climb you will reach Monschau, the perfect spot for a German apple pie and recovery stop.
Once climb out of there you will enjoy the Ravel (asphalted railway) crossing the Fagnes region down to Coo.

This ride is needs a certain well train endurance condition because of its length and altitude but is definitely doable and word the effort.

153,9 km
2.418 m
14 renners
2021 - Fietsweekend Rit 2.gpx